The unano project

At unano we are carrying out innovative basic and translational research aimed at building sophisticated, functional biological nano-structures and nanomachines using biological molecules. The novel structures we build will  have applications to health and medicine. In this first stage we are building the foundations of our project in preparation to secure large-scale grant funding.

The unano project is formally the Smart Materials And Robotic nanoTechnologies (SMART) project funded by una europa Seed Funding, part of una europa.

We are a consortium of reach labs from The University of Bologna, Italy; The University of Edinburgh, UK; The Free University of Berlin, Germany; The Complutense University of Madrid, Spain; The University of Helsinki, Finland; Jagiellonian University, Poland,; KU Leuven, Belgium, The team has wide expertise to support our goals of building future biological nanomachines. These include in silico modeling, therapeutic cargo development, DNA nanotechnology, protein design ,production and in cell/in vivo testing.

Latest News

19 May/2022


Despite having launched only earlier this year, unano has already contributed to two publications:

Nanoparticles Karolina Majsterkiewicz, Artur P. Biela, Sourav Maity, Mohit Sharma, Bernard M. A. G. Piette, Agnieszka Kowalczyk, Szymon Gaweł, Soumyananda Chakraborti, Wouter H. Roos, and Jonathan G. Heddle  Artificial Protein Cage with…

19 May/2022

unano beta site

We are happy to launch the beta version of the site, the full site launches soon pending final updates.